Training Approach

Dogs are really not difficult to train. It takes patience, consistency, and clear communication in the way they understand.  That’s why a trainer can take your dog into their home and, within a few weeks, return a well-behaved and happy dog to you.

The Challenge

If the people in the dog’s life don’t understand how to use clear communications, patience, and consistency, the dog can easily revert to their old behaviors. It is sadly common for well-intentioned people to adopt a shelter dog or puppy, and then return it a few weeks later because they have their hands full with unexpected behaviors they don’t know how to manage. It also happens that someone adopts a dog who is well behaved, but they become a problem if the person who adopted them doesn’t understand dog behavior and how they think.

That’s why The Busy Dog’s training approach focuses on you, the human.

We help you work with your dog for behaviors such as:

  • Basic at-home puppy training – house training, mouthing, jumping
  • Must have Manners – Sit, down, stand, stay, come,  leave it, and off

We also help with Behavior issues

yappy dog

  • leash pulling
  • lunging
  • chasing
  • aggressive to people or dogs
  • not listening
  • fearful,
  • destructive, etc.


Our Goals

  • Help you understand the meaning of your dog’s behavior
  • Educate you about how to communicate with and train your dog
  • Teach you the skills you need to effectively work with your dog – with lots of practice to help you become more skilled
  • Help you develop the wonderful, warm, and loving bond you want with your dog

Let us help!

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